Saturday 19 March 2016

Woolspire yarn haul part 1

The yarn I ordered from arrived yesterday, and I absolutely love everything! So. Much. Gorgeous. Yarn!!! I have decided to split the yarn haul into two posts, because I've already started working with some of the yarn. I have so many ideas for the yarn, and I'll share some of them below. Let's get started!

This yarn is the "Stella" metallic yarn by Järbo. It's so freaking soft! I'm thinking this would make some awesome arm warmers, possibly a cowl. The yarn is fairly thin though, so a cowl might take forever to make.

 This is the Mayflower "Divine" yarn in the colour "rainbow". It's actually a sock yarn, but the product description says that it can be used for other things as well. I'd love to make some colourful arm warmers with this yarn. I might buy more of this yarn at some point, and make myself a pair of awesome rainbow socks.

This is the Mayflower "Sunset" yarn in neon green. I got two balls of this one, because it was on sale and also because it's such an awesome colour. My camera made the colour more muted, and though I tried to make it more vibrant again in photoshop, it still isn't as bright as it is in person. Seriously, it's so bright that it almost hurts my eyes when I look at it! =P I want to make arm warmers with this one.

Can you tell that I'm really crazy about the Mayflower yarns? =P This is the Mayflower "Italy" in blue and silver. I'm thinking this one will look nice as a cowl, which should be fairly quick to make since the yarn is so thick. I got two of these.

This is Du Store Alpakka "Sterk" in the colour "lindegrønn", which obviously is a shade of green. =P
I intended this one to be part of a project I will reveal in the next yarn haul post, but I decided that it didn't really fit with the rest of the colours. I don't have any plans for this one right now, but I'm sure I'll find some use for it eventually.

Friday 11 March 2016


That's what I'm calling it. I recently applied for a summerjob at one of the hospitals here, and I had promised myself that if I got it, I would treat myself to some yarn from Well, I got the job, and today a whole bunch of yarn accidentally fell into my shopping cart and I accidentally ordered all of it. Ahem. I did get a 15% discount when I made an account on that site though, so there's that. I actually think I got a lot of yarn for the money I spent. I shall update with pictures when the package arrives. 

I already have a nice stash of yarn here, so it's not like I needed any of it, but I just have so many potential projects in my head. I'm not supposed to crochet so much either, because I have lots of school work and a huge exam in June that I need to study for. Can't wait until I'm done with the exam, I'm going to crochet like mad after it!

One of my current projects, which I'm almost done with. Not so easy to see, but it's a wavy cowl in merino wool.

Friday 4 March 2016


I've been planning this post for a while, but actually sitting down and writing it has taken some time. I'm pretty sure I've written a million times that I'll try to post more often, but I never manage to do it. This post might make it a bit clearer why this is so difficult for me. The short version is that I just can't be bothered. The slightly longer version is this:

When I started this blog, I was really into hair care and growing long hair. It was one of my hobbies and I felt quite passionate about it. Over the years, the passion has faded. It turns out that it's really difficult to write a blog about something you don't care about. I have tried to write things, planned blog posts, but never managed to actually sit down and write any of it. 

I even find that I'm tired of TLHC, which has been my safe haven for several years. I just feel so tired of seeing all the same questions asked again and again, the obsessing over hair length, texture and quality, the same misinformation about what products are good and bad, and the biotin thing. No, taking ridiculous amounts of biotin is not safe and it will not magically make your hair grow. You risk seriously damaging your kidneys! It's one of the most frustrating things I see on that forum.

I realise that I shouldn't complain much, because I used to obsess over my hair and I had some strange ideas about what products were good and what products I thought were "pure evil". It's how most new members are, and most of them grow out of it eventually. It still makes me want to gauge my eyes out with a flexi-8 though, and I find it annoying to always have to avoid certain parts of the forum. I suppose limiting my time on the forum would be a good idea.

I have other things in my life that makes me happy. Most importantly is my boyfriend and my cat, of course, but I always find tremendous amounts of joy in creating things. I love making kanzashi flowers and hair pins, and crochet is my favourite hobby at the moment. I've been thinking about getting back into fractal art too, which I did for many years. So this will be the biggest change in this blog. It's not about my hair anymore, but about the things I create during my spare time. I will of course post pictures of my hair and hair accessories every now and then, but it will mostly be crochet and kanzashi from now on.

Thursday 24 September 2015

More stuff

Life is busy with school and lots of homework, but I've had time to make some more stuff for my shop. I'm also participating in my first self-made swap on TLHC, so some time is spent making stuff for my giftee too. I'm not fussing much about my hair anymore, I just let it do its thing. It's currently around hip length, so I'm planning on letting it grow a bit longer and then cut back to waist or something. 

Sunday 30 August 2015


I received some more ribbons the other day (because I definitely needed more!), and one of them was in a lovely fuchsia colour. I decided to make myself a cherry blossom comb with it, and here's the result. I was thinking of putting it in the shop, but then I changed my mind. I'd rather keep it myself. I haven't made any hair flowers for myself in ages, mainly because of the summer swap on TLHC. That reminds me, I need to buy some more yellow flower stamen. Off to ebay!

Wednesday 26 August 2015

Kittybird's Flowershop

Hi! Yeah, I know, I'm a terrible blogger. I'm just so terribly busy doing all the things, like being a student and working! Today I'm dropping by with some shameless self-promotion great news! I think I've mentioned before that I make kanzashi flowers, right? Well, now I've started selling them too! I opened up a shop on etsy a few days ago, and so far I've got 3 items up and not a whole lot of information, but I'm working on it. Here's a link to my shop. Hopefully I'll be able to put more items up soon. :)

Thursday 9 April 2015

A breath of spring

A new flexi-8 from arrived yesterday. Silver dragonfly with blue beads and blue danglies. I absolutely adore this one.