Saturday, 25 January 2014


My Pink and Lite Lavender Silkys have arrived. Unfortunately I haven't had time to pick them up at the post office yet. To be completely honest, I'm dreading it, because both packages got horrible custom and handling fees. I could buy two more ficcares for the money I have to pay to get those clips home. Urrgh! Sometimes I hate online shopping.. 
I also ended up buying two sticks from EmergentGlassworks, one Teal Rose stick and a Single Stalk Rose. Don't ask me why, I'm not supposed to buy more toys at the moment. There are still a few Silky ficcares left on my 'Want' list, and with the Lotuses and Jewels coming out later this year (hopefully), I should start saving up money already. February isn't far away either, which means that there will be a new Flexi of the Month that I might need. Oh dear.

I'm increasingly enamored with the Creme Silky. Such a pretty, elegant piece. I've worn it two days in a row. Here it is in a disc bun.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Braid progress

I haven't noticed much progress in my hair this year. It has grown, sure, but nothing amazing. At least it doesn't feel amazing, it has just been the usual average/slow growth. I've gone from hip to a bit past bcl, which isn't that long in my opinion. I didn't notice much of a difference until today, when I did a fishtail braid and took a picture of it. The tip of my quite wispy tail juust reaches my crack (braid shrinkage). I decided to dig up some older braid pictures, and lo and behold, my hair really has grown quite a bit. Take a look:

This picture is from 15.02.2013. I think this was my first truly successful french braid. I actually wanted to do a dutch braid, but accidentally used the wrong technique and ended up with a french braid. The ends reach waist.

This french 4-strand braid was done on 05.03.2013. The angle makes it seem longer, but it's still around waist length.
09.04.2013, still not much difference in length.

23.05.2013. The huge sweater makes it difficult to tell, but the stretched out tassel is around hip length.

And finally today, 16.01.2014.
I'm happy. My braid seems thinner, but I think it's because my hair is oily and dirty. I'm due for a wash.

Lite Blonde

This is one of my favourite Ficcares in my collection, only beaten by Dark Blonde and Opal. I wasn't sure if I wanted to buy it, because it doesn't look particularly nice in pictures, but I wanted to have both Lite and Dark Blonde. I'm certainly glad I bought it, because it's absolutely gorgeous in person. I've actually placed the clip next to my laptop today, so I can admire it while I'm online. Yes, I may be a bit weird.

Click for bigger pictures!


Monday, 6 January 2014


My Silky Opal Ficcare, it's so pretty. The colour is just incredible <3

Jet Black

Pearlized Jet Black, one of my first enamel Ficcares. I love it. I'm starting to get a hang of doing buns with Ficcares, it's completely different from sticks, forks and flexi-8s.