Ficcare Collection

Pictures of each individual clip are below the group pictures.

 Dark and Lite Blonde 
Silky Enamel II Collection

Honey Marble and Silky Creme
Innovation clips:

Border Grey, medium:

Bamboo, large:

Maximas clips:

Silky Lime (sold):

Silky Green:

Honey Marble:

Silky Lite Lavender (sold):


Silky Pink, Large:

Pearlized Dark Blonde, Large:

Pearlized Lite Blonde, Large:

Silky Deep Blue, Large (sold):

Silky Creme, Large:

Silky Wine, Large:

Gold Matte, Large: 
 This clip is from the new collection and is much too pale for me, so it will be modified.

Jet Black, Large:

Silky Opal, Large:

Snake Jewel Acetate in Fuschia, Size Large:


  1. What a beautiful ficcare collection!! your family picture looks great. :)