Friday, 11 March 2016


That's what I'm calling it. I recently applied for a summerjob at one of the hospitals here, and I had promised myself that if I got it, I would treat myself to some yarn from Well, I got the job, and today a whole bunch of yarn accidentally fell into my shopping cart and I accidentally ordered all of it. Ahem. I did get a 15% discount when I made an account on that site though, so there's that. I actually think I got a lot of yarn for the money I spent. I shall update with pictures when the package arrives. 

I already have a nice stash of yarn here, so it's not like I needed any of it, but I just have so many potential projects in my head. I'm not supposed to crochet so much either, because I have lots of school work and a huge exam in June that I need to study for. Can't wait until I'm done with the exam, I'm going to crochet like mad after it!

One of my current projects, which I'm almost done with. Not so easy to see, but it's a wavy cowl in merino wool.

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