Thursday, 16 January 2014

Braid progress

I haven't noticed much progress in my hair this year. It has grown, sure, but nothing amazing. At least it doesn't feel amazing, it has just been the usual average/slow growth. I've gone from hip to a bit past bcl, which isn't that long in my opinion. I didn't notice much of a difference until today, when I did a fishtail braid and took a picture of it. The tip of my quite wispy tail juust reaches my crack (braid shrinkage). I decided to dig up some older braid pictures, and lo and behold, my hair really has grown quite a bit. Take a look:

This picture is from 15.02.2013. I think this was my first truly successful french braid. I actually wanted to do a dutch braid, but accidentally used the wrong technique and ended up with a french braid. The ends reach waist.

This french 4-strand braid was done on 05.03.2013. The angle makes it seem longer, but it's still around waist length.
09.04.2013, still not much difference in length.

23.05.2013. The huge sweater makes it difficult to tell, but the stretched out tassel is around hip length.

And finally today, 16.01.2014.
I'm happy. My braid seems thinner, but I think it's because my hair is oily and dirty. I'm due for a wash.