Monday, 3 February 2014

Hairtoys - collecting, or simply hoarding?

I've been doing some thinking about how much I spend on hairtoys, and how it always seems to be something new I need. I don't have the most impressive collection, but it has grown significantly over the last year or so. I almost always have a package or two on the way, or a custom piece in progress. For example, now I'm waiting for 3 Ficcares, 2 sticks from EmergentGlassworks, 1 custom stick from TimberstoneTurnings, and 2 samples of Panacea from Nightblooming. I think that's all. I certainly hope that's all.

When the next shipment of Ficcares arrive, my collection will be at 13 (actually 14, but the acetate doesn't count imo). The Jewels and Lotuses are most likely coming out later this year, and I'm definitely going to buy some several of them. I was even thinking of getting a few more Silkys, but seriously, I don't need any more. I don't need to have all the Silky colours and all the Classicals. I'm happy with my little collection, and if I don't get any more Ficcares, I will still be happy. 13 clips is actually a lot.

I will soon have my 4th TT stick. That's enough for now.
I have 5 EmergentGlassworks sticks (though I managed to break one of my purple roses. I think I can glue it though), and a Teal rose and a Red rose are on the way. EGW sticks hold well, especially the twisted ones, and I don't have to worry about getting them wet. I'd like pink and yellow roses as well, and maybe another dichroic stick, but I can do without. My little EGW collection is still most excellent!

I've been lucky with the Flexi-8s recently, as none of the last 3 "Flexi-8 of the Month" have suited my tastes. There are some new styles I like, but nothing that screams "Buy me! Buy me immediately!!!". I have 22 Flexi-8s. 2 of them are smalls and I only use them to decorate my braids every now and then, but there are still 20 Flexis that can be used for various buns. 20 is definitely a lot!

I counted all my toys, and my collection stands at 52. Some are pairs and some are currently missing, and there may be some I have forgotten. There are some members on LHC who have hundreds of toys, but to me, 52 is still a big number. I don't want to over-do my collection, even though a part of me kind of wants to have one of those awe-inspiring, completely insane collections. 
My spending feels like an addiction right now, and I don't like it. I really don't need hundreds of hairclips and sticks. I need to stop hoarding pretty, sparkly things, enjoy the hairtoys I currently have, and save my money for the Jewels and Lotuses. And I definitely don't have to buy every single one of those either.

Let's finish this wall of text with a pretty picture. This is one of my EGW sticks, an 8" long twisted dichroic one. 

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