Wednesday, 6 August 2014

EternallyInAmber Pink Granite shower comb

Surprise, I bought something new! The surprise isn't really that I bought something, because I do that all the time. It is that I bought a comb, because I think I have already made it very clear that I don't like combs. I have a wooden wide-tooth comb, and I absolutely hate it! I have only used my Tangle Teezers for the last 6 months or so, and I really like them. 

However, I'm easily brainwashed enabled by the things I read on LHC. I saw a thread about a shop called EternallyInAmber, which sell handmade acetate celluose combs, and I was intrigued. Smooth, seamless, nicely shaped, and so many pretty colours! I decided on a Pink Granite shower comb, because I wanted one with a handle. The shipping is high, but totally worth it. I don't think I have ever had an item arrive so fast, especially considering that it was shipped from USA (I'm in Norway, for those who didn't know that already)! It shipped on Friday, and it was in my mailbox on Tuesday. Amazing!

I think this comb is one of the prettiest things I've ever seen. Baby pink with dark purple and silver flakes, it's just perfect. Colour shouldn't matter much when it comes to hair tools, but for some reason it does. I want all my things to have pretty colours!

I had to try it right away, of course, and luckily I hadn't brushed my hair that day (not the day before either). I got to test it on some pretty nasty tangles, and it worked them out so easily. I'm amazed by how gentle and smooth it is. It just glides through my hair, enabling me to carefully get the tangles out. It's definitely much more hair-friendly than the TT.

I put it through the true test today, when I used it on my weird, clumpy, air-dried, post-wash hair. Same result as on Tuesday, it was so easy to detangle with it. This was partly because I was a bit naughty, and used it on towel dried hair too. I never comb or brush my hair when it's wet, but I wanted to see how gentle the shower comb was on wet hair. Answer: very gentle. No snapped hairs, and no pulling or yanking. I always pull my waves apart anyway, because I find that my hair dries faster when I do that. The comb does a much better job at that than my fingers do.

I'm so happy with this comb, and I've already ordered another one to use as a travel comb. The shop has a super awesome discount code, 50FOR10, where you get 50% off your order if you spend more than $10.

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