Friday, 3 October 2014

Violet Dreams

My new size L flexi-9 from It's like the Emerald Dream, but in purple! No action pictures this time, I haven't gotten time to take one yet.


  1. Are you kidding me, oh my, this is so, so gorgeous! <3 I've said it dozens of times that I loveEmerald Dream and I regret I cannot get it anywhere now. And now there comes a similar Flexi in purple! That's EVEN better.
    I love you for posting this, KittyBird! Without you I wouldn't have known that this beauty exists! :)

    1. I cannot find it on the list of products, though I went through the 500 clips. Could you please send me a link? :)

    2. Hi! I think Cultmate only made one of it, because I can't see it anymore either. Maybe you can send them a message and ask about it? They may make more of them. There is a pink version in size L too.