Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Ah, the usual "Hi, this is me, welcome to my blog"-post. Not that there are anyone to welcome, as I find it highly unlikely that anyone will read this. Ah well, let's get this over with. 

I'm KittyBird, a 23 year old woman who loves long hair. My hair is currently at the elegantly named BCL/Butt-crack length, and my goal is to grow to terminal length. In other words, as long as it can get. My hair is iii, 2a/2b, medium strand thickness. Currently sporting a fancy, unintentional reverse ombre, because I'm growing out black chemical dye and dyeing the new growth red with henna. I'm addicted to hair toys, with my current obsession being Flexi-8s. My hair is mostly bunned, but I try to keep it down when I'm at home, so that my scalp gets to rest.

This blog will contain mostly stuff about my hair, but also a lot of other random stuff. Enjoy!

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