Sunday, 3 November 2013

Brilliant Bloom

Fun story behind this flexi-8. I originally ordered a custom flexi, the Open Flower in Antique Gold with Sapphire AB beads instead of regular AB beads.
 ^This one, but with blue beads. The size is XL.

After a while I got an email from Steve at, who thought my custom request sounded very similar to a brand new LillaRose design that hadn't been released in the shop yet. He sent me a few pictures of it and offered to let me change my order to the other design, which I of course did. Currently I'm the only one who has this piece, but once it's available in the shop, I suggest you get one because it's gorgeous! The flower has three tiny AB beads in the middle. 

Update! It's available on LillaRose! 

Click for bigger pictures!

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