Friday, 11 April 2014

Ugly bun

I wasn't sure what to call this post, but the bun isn't particularly pretty, so it fits. I had a few lazy days at home this week, and I discovered that my claw clips are brilliant for securing lazy buns. By lazy buns I mean any kind of loose, sloppy, ugly bun. I mostly use them for nautilus buns. The claw clips distribute the weight more evenly, and the entire bun doesn't rest on just one spot. Very comfortable. 
I love being able to throw my hair up with these when it's my turn to do the morning walk with the dogs. I can't always be bothered to detangle, section, bun, wrap, and pin my hair, and then take several action pictures before I go (because my bun will most likely be pretty messy when I get back). 
I bought the clips in a Chinese store in Portugal, and I regret not buying more. If only I had known that 7-9 months after buying these, I would finally figure out how to use them.. There's always Ebay, but I feel pretty 'meh' about most of the clips there. 
I guess I could have called this post "Claw clips".

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