Monday, 14 April 2014

Roman Stone Lite Sapphire

My newest custom flexi-8 arrived today, and it's wonderful! Lite sapphire and clear AB beads.. <3 
I put off ordering this one for so long because I couldn't figure out how to make it more "me", but at last I got it. I'm glad it took me so long, because otherwise I would probably have gotten it in XL or XXL, which means that I wouldn't wear it much right now. L is currently my go-to flexi-8 size, because it's perfect for sectioned buns. I've also discovered that it can be used to secure nautilus buns. Flexi-8s are obviously magical!

First I made a nautilus bun and secured it with the Roman Stone. Then I re-did the bun and secured with Roman Stone and Emerald Dream. I figured those two would look pretty together. The bun is comfortable and secure with just one flexi, but it's even nicer with two. Also, it's much more flashy and blingy, and I like that!


  1. I just love the roman stone center. i wish they made it in EVERY possible colour. I would have them all! :D

    1. So would I! It's just so gorgeous! :D