Thursday, 3 April 2014

Ficcare, flexi-8 and spin pins

Sectioned buns work with L Ficcares too! I was worried size L would be too big, but it fits perfectly. I do need to make the bunning section slightly bigger though, but not much. There's still plenty of hair left to twist around afterwards. This may even be more comfortable than with flexi-8s, simply because the Ficcare holds my bun in a death grip. It does. not. move. at. all! I tried shaking my head and jumping up and down, and the bun remained glued to the back of my head. I'm amazed. In fact, so amazed that I kept my hair bunned the entire day, even though I only stayed inside after work and could easily have gotten away with just a loose braid.

Speaking of flexi-8s, I purchased a new one. A custom, of course. The new FOTM was very pretty, but I would have preferred it in gold. I almost always prefer gold, which makes it pretty ironic that my new custom is in silver. I'm getting the Roman Stone Lite Sapphire in large, with both lite sapphire and clear Aurora Borealis beads. Steve at sent me a picture to make sure they got my instructions right, and it looks gorgeous. I can hardly wait! 
I've also decided to part with one of my XL flexis, simply because it doesn't look that good in my hair and I almost never wear it. A fellow LHCer mentioned that she was interested in it, and I think it's better to pass it on to someone who will appreciate it. I have looked through my collection, and there are a few other pieces I'm not loving anymore either. Not sure if I'll be putting those up for sale too, at least not yet.

I purchased a super cheap 12-pack of spin pins on ebay, and I was a bit disappointed, but not surprised when they arrived. They didn't have the little bump on the tips that my Hair Scroos have, so the tips were quite sharp and not very hair and scalp friendly. Otherwise the pins seemed fine, but obviously I couldn't put something like that in my hair without fixing it first. I experimented a bit with one if the pins today, and tried to make ' end bumps' by adding several layers of clear nailpolish. It appears to be working, because the ends aren't sharp anymore, they seem more like the Hair Scroos. A bit time consuming to do this to 11 more pins, since the polish has to dry between each layer, but I've got next Tuesday off and don't have anything better to do. I'm happy that I will be able to use my pins after all. The seller also included a few telephone cord elastics, and I'm very skeptical. I know of other LHC members who use them without any problems, but they look hazardous to my hair. 

Lite Lavender Silky in a sectioned bun, as the sun sets.

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