Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Manic Panic and tiny claws

I dyed my hair with Manic Panic last week, because my henna turned out to not be henna, and I wanted to dye my hair. So far I'm very happy with the results, so much so that I've already purchased some Directions dye in Vermillion Red. I may get a few tubs of a different shade too. 
This time I used MP Infra Red and Rock'n Roll Red, though both look very similar on my hair. My hair took the dye really well, despite being part hennaed and part virgin (I had a few cm of blonnette roots). I've only washed once since I dyed, and the colour has faded a little bit. Still pretty intense though.

In other news, the back of my head suddenly decided it didn't want me to secure my buns there anymore. I've tried to do different buns and secure them in different places, but clearly that wasn't good enough. The last few days I've been living in double buns held with small claw clips, bobby pins, and spin pins. I bought some cheap claws at H&M, but to say that they are low quality is an understatement. Good enough to keep my hair up for now, but I'm never buying any of those again. Instead, I went crazy on Ebay and purchased a bunch of cute, little clips there. And because they may take ages to arrive, I bought two sets at Accessorize today. These are bigger the ones from H&M, much more expensive, but they seem to be less snaggy. Also, pretty colours!!

And a few pictures of my recent 'dos. The first are twin logrolls, and the second are lopsided cinnamon buns/beebutt buns. I wanted to be Princess Leia today ^-^

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