Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Forged of Violet

I got the prettiest fork from MountainMusings today! Actually, it's a french twist comb, but I can't do french twists, so to me it's just a little fork with lots of tines. Very bendy and sort of soft tines. As with my other Kanzashi fork (which I managed to break, by the way! Long story short, it fell out of my hair and got run over by a few cars. I can fix it with glue though, thank goodness!!), this is mainly a decorative piece, and I have to be careful when putting it in. This one did hold one side of my cinnamon bun, while a few long bobby pins held the other side. It could never hold my entire bun, but it's at least a bit functional. 
I also got some freebies this time, two cute bobby pins that match the fork. I forgot to take a picture, so maybe some other time. ^-^

But let's get back to the prettiness. I had of course anticipated that it would be quite pretty, because it's purple and why on earth would I buy something ugly, but I had not anticipated this level of gorgeousness. Oh. My. Goodness! It's the most perfect, deep purple, starry night sky captured in the most magnificently crafted Kanzashi flowers ever (you get a cookie if you get through that sentence)! And I love starry night skies! I've looked through most of the Kanzashi flowers on Etsy, and in my opinion, MountainMusings has the most beautiful ones. So many different colours and varieties to choose from.
My camera thinks that this fork is a blueish purple, but don't let it fool you. In reality, the fork leans more towards reddish purple.

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