Tuesday, 4 March 2014

A tiny wishlist

I've put myself on a hairtoy-purchasing-ban, but there are a few items I'd really like to buy after I get my paycheck. I'm very pleased that I haven't bought anything for my hair after I imposed the ban, despite seeing a lot of things that were very tempting. I'm not able to stay away from Etsy, and I'm adding stuff to my lists almost every day, but not buying anything. Willpower! Apparently I have lots of it. It also helps that I already have lots of sticks and clips. Ah well, back to my tiny little wishlist.

1. Another Tangle Teezer. I love the Hot Pink one I have, and I've decided that I need at least one more in a different colour. What if I accidentally broke my TT? What would I use to keep my hair tangle-free until a new TT arrived?? That's an easy one, I would just use my wooden comb, but that's not the point. I need a colourful, glorious backup TT! I'm leaning towards an orange or a blue one..

 2. A plain hairstick from Emergent Glassworks. I adore EGW sticks and have quite a few already, but I'd love a clear spiral stick too. Those never really caught my eye in the shop, but I saw one in action on LHC a while ago, and it looked magnificent! So beautiful. It would be good for the days when I don't want the hair toy to get all the attention.

3. A Flexi-8 or two. The flexi was actually the only toy I would be allowed to purchase during my ban, because they're fairly cheap. This was just in case the Flexi-8 of the Month was stunning and something I just had to buy. The March 2014 FOTM has been delayed a week, so I have no idea if it's something I want or not. And I'm not buying anything until my payday, so if I love it, I can only buy it if there are any left by then. I'd love to get the Daisy flexi too. I didn't like the design in the beginning, but it has grown on me. I'd love to wear that one during the summer. Such a fun clip.

 And that's actually it. Only 3-4 things, approximately 87 euro if I buy two flexis, only 63 euro if I only buy one. That includes shipping as well. Not bad, compared to what I used to spend on hair stuff every month *shudder*

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