Friday, 14 March 2014

Signs of life

Well, I splurged on toys and tools. Actually, it wasn't particularly splurgy. Hardly spent any money at all. I bought a purple Salong Elite TT and two flexi-8s, XS and S. I took the liberty to slightly alter one of them, because I'm hopelessly addicted to aurora borealis sapphire beads. I'll pass on the EGW clear glass stick for now, I'll get it some other time. I have a few custom Mega flexis thought out, but I'll wait a bit with those too.

Ficcare has been hinting that the Jewel Collection might be released soon, and I'm on the Maidenlike waiting list for 3 of those. Though 'soon' in Ficcare terms could mean next year. And I'm pretty far down on the waiting list, so I may not get any clips right away. I'm not even sure if I want more clips, because I'm so thrilled with the collection I already have. Pretty sure I'd regret it if I didn't get any though, because Amethyst, Royal Blue and Emerald sound amazing. I'm confused.

In other news, I went into Glitter (Norwegian store full of shiny, pretty jewelry and hair stuff) for the first time in many, many years, and discovered that it's actually pretty awesome. They had all kinds of fun stuff that other shops don't carry here, like Hair Scroos. I bought two pairs, and last night I used them to do a sloppy cinnabun. Great success! I was so excited that I stayed up much later than I had planned, because I didn't want to take the bun down. I need more of those.

I also did a successful scalp wash today. I made a loose braid, tied a plastic bag around it, and held it up with one hand while I washed the rest of the hair. I wasn't in the mood for sitting around with sopping wet hair the entire day, because I've got stuff to do. Like baking! I've made cranberry buns with custard filling twice this week. Delicious. I make my parents and my boyfriend eat most of them.

And picture time, because I wore a Mega flexi in a disc bun today.


  1. In your hair, the Mega Flexi does not look like a mega at all, though when I see pictures of it in someone's hand or on a smaller bun it simply looks huge, Well, mega :D Your buns are just amazing :)