Monday, 24 March 2014

New bun method

Last Saturday I did a sectioned bun for the very first time. I'm not the first person to do this, but it's so new and wonderful to me, so I feel like a genius. I made a high nautilus bun with two thirds of my hair and a XL flexi-8, divided the remaining hair in two, wrapped around the bun and secured with spin pins. It was marvelous! I've never been able to do anything other than low buns because my hair is so thick and heavy, but this worked so well. It felt great to secure the bun in a different spot for once, as I was getting a bit sore where I usually secure it. I suddenly started wanting more XL flexi-8s, but I'm holding off for now. It's almost April, which means a new FOTM will be released. If it's pretty, I hope to get one in XL. 


  1. I do this too sometimes, and it's great! My hair's not as thick as yours - very unfortunately :) -, but it's so slippery sticks just fall out with certain updos. Sectioned buns really do the trick! :) Also, more lovely flexis, I need to get one!

  2. Even though my hair is nowhere as near as yours, I am so happy to have learnt of this method. I was thinking of buying a Flexi8 Large but hesitated because I thought it may be too small. Now I know, a Flexi8 is never to small to use. Thanks :D .