Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Double Flexi-8 buns

Ah, double buns.. How on earth did I survive without them? I wore them with size L flexi-8s yesterday and today, which I hadn't done before. I tried it once a while ago, and failed miserably, and thus concluded that double buns with flexis just didn't work for me. Clearly I was very wrong. These buns are so awesomely comfortable, that I did something very silly. I ordered two Fairy flexis, Aurora Borealis and Pink, both size L. I never really liked the Fairy design until I saw it in action LHC, simply because it seemed too childish and cutesy. I guess it is sort of childish and cute, but not too much. I think it will look really cute in double buns. I don't always make much sense.In fact, I rarely make sense. You should never ask me for directions.

Picture time! Yesterday I wore Black Nickle Sapphire and Roman Stone, and today I decided to go crazy and wear mismatched flexis. Behold, Cat's Meow and Daisy!

(I'm not balding, it's just my very light roots)


  1. Ooh i love it. i find it very cute, too. its childish your right, but so cute!! i think i need it, too. i must try it and then i post it in my blog.

    1. Thank you! I hope you try it, it's a fun updo =D

  2. compliments beautiful hairstyles Flexi beautiful * - *