Friday, 6 June 2014


These arrived a lot sooner than expected, so today's buns are very matchy matchy. AB and pink fairies! So pretty! I also decided to change things up a bit, and did braided lazy wrap buns. I should do this more often, it only took a few minutes to do two english braids. The buns are actually the same size, it's just the angle that makes the right one look bigger.
But back to the adorable flexi-8s! I took a lot of pictures, so sit back and enjoy!


  1. Wow, I love the AB fairy! It looks gorgeous!

  2. Hey Kitty,my toy idol.It's deelala here.I have the same exact fairy.I love mine.Only flaw is I'am a lefty and it's hard to insert it right side up..I usually end up with the fairy upside down,lol.

    1. Hi Deelala! I can imagine that it must be difficult to insert it with the right hand. I'm a righty, and I struggle a lot when I try to put the flexi in with my left hand. Maybe next time you could ask your seller to make you a left-handed flexi-8? :)