Thursday, 5 June 2014

Lazy Wraps

Here's more double buns for you. Today it's lazy wrap buns, one of my favourites when I do doubles. I wanted to do another mismatched flexi-8 'do, using Emerald Dream and Autumn's Ruby Bouquet, but I couldn't find Ruby. I decided to use Roman Stone instead, which makes this pretty matchy in my opinion. If I manage to locate the Ruby flexi, I'll use it tomorrow instead. Seriously, it must be here somewhere! Nevermind, I found it!

It's also pretty obvious that I'm way overdue for some flaming red dye. I missed a few spots in the back when I dyed last time, and those are becoming painfully obvious. The Manic Panic has also faded quite a bit, and my hair looks almost normal again. I've bought 3 tubs of Directions Vermillion Red for my top layer, and two tubs of Directions Pillarbox Red for my bottom layer. I have two days off next week, which would give me plenty of time to dye my hair (it takes many, many hours to do it). I'm a bit concerned about how bright it will turn out and how it'll look on me. I work in a nursing home, and it wouldn't be good if I showed up with crazy hair. I might frighten someone. When I used the Manic Panic, I had an entire week off from work, so the colour had time to fade quite a bit. Maybe I'll have to strand test, and see how it looks. That will be a first, as I'm usually more of a 'slap it on all of my hair and hope for the best' kind of person.

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