Friday, 13 June 2014

No jewels

I've finally decided to pass on the Ficcare Jewels. I got an email from Maidenlike, notifying me that she had all 3 colours I wanted in stock, and I really can't justify spending all that money on hair clips. Especially not when I currently find it most comfortable to put my hair up with cheap plastic/acrylic/whatever clips from Ebay. 

I've been a bit torn about it, because the Jewels are so pretty, and who knows how long they will be available. Ficcare may suddenly disappear again. However, I honestly haven't worn any of my Ficcares for quite a while. I occasionally shove an Innovation or two in my hair, but the Maxes are currently collecting dust. I tried them in double buns earlier this week, but they were too heavy. I don't want to buy things I'm not going to use a lot. I either wear double buns with Flexi-8s, or regular buns held with claw clips.

If I were to buy 3 Jewels, it would cost me a small fortune. With shipping, and customs and handling fees, the total amount would be approximately €178. That's a lot of money for a few hair clips! I could buy 48 packets of floral claw clips for that. Each packet contains 6 clips, so that would be 288 clips. Crazy! Alternatively, I could buy 10 size L Flexi-8s (shipping included). I'll stick to the cheap stuff for now. ^-^

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