Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Leopards and flowers

I'm obsessed with claw clips now. My medium floral and leopard clips arrived before the weekend, and they're awesome! Very cheap, and to some extent you get what you pay for. Each clip had a few sharp, pointy bits on the sides, but luckily those could be quickly and easily removed with a nail file. I'm currently wearing the floral clips in an orchid bun, and I wore the leopard clips yesterday, and I don't think they're particularly damaging. They're certainly not more snaggy than a Flexi-8 or a Ficcare can be. I also got a super cute large bow clip in black, and this one had no sharp bits. I'm contemplating getting it in a few different colours, but I already have several other large claw clips on the way. I might wait a bit. 

Aren't the leopard ones pretty?? I'm particularly crazy about those!

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