Thursday, 12 June 2014

Orchid bun

My orchid bun turned out super shiny and sleek today, and I just had to share a picture. Have I mentioned that I love the leopard clippies?? Yes, several times, silly! I think they're so fabulous, and a good match for my red hair. I also love that I only need 4 medium clips to hold a bun. I thought my crazy hair need a ton of clips or huge clips, but no, 4 mediums are enough. These only work for twisted buns though, they won't hold a nautilus bun or a lazy wrap. Or they'll hold it and it will be quite comfy, but the bun will slowly fall apart and become very, very ugly. Trust me, it happened to me today. It looked nice when I put it up at my boyfriend's place, but by the time I had gotten home (took about 1 hour), the bun had become an unrecognizable mess. It was hideous!

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