Friday, 18 July 2014

Clip bun

Today I tried a sectioned variation of JJJ Longhair's Clip Bun. I've tried to do it without sectioning, but my hair is still too thick to do the first step. Not even my biggest claw clips manage to fit over the twisted hair. So I divided my hair in two and put each section over my shoulders. Then I divided those sections in half, ca. right behind my ears. I made a low ponytail with the back sections, secured with a folded elastic, twisted up and clipped. Then I continued twisting around and pinned the hair with long bobbypins. Then I twisted one of the front sections around and pinned, and added a few medium claw clips to make it extra secure. This would definitely have looked better if I had used clips in other colours, but oh well. The leopard ones were closest to me. :) 

The clip in the center is one of my Korean chiffon bow clips, which I love. They're not the strongest clips, but they make up for it by being super pretty. I think this colour is rice white? I certainly don't think it could be camo brown (I have both). I think it's a bit weird to call it rice white, when it's actually more of a dusty pink though. I'm a complete moron, because that is in fact camo brown. Doh! But it's still weird to call it camo brown, right? Because it's a dusty pink colour

It's not the prettiest bun in the world, but certainly very comfortable.

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