Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Mint and Purple

Today's updo: Folded braid. I thought these were impossible until I saw JJJ Longhair's tutorial. Then I realized that I had just been doing it wrong - at least wrong for my hair. I'm extremely pleased with this method, and I may try it with a Ficcare tomorrow. I tried with a Flexi-8 today, and that didn't work at all. I had to re-do it with these clippies.

I really like how my hair colour looks in the sun. I just ordered a new batch of henna, and it should be here in two weeks time. I haven't hennaed for months now, and my roots are getting crazy. ^-^


  1. LOVE those clips!!

    And your hair is awesome- reverse ombre forever!

    1. Very late reply, but thank you so much! :)