Sunday, 13 July 2014


Good evening! I honestly couldn't come up with a more imaginative title than 'Sunday', because despite sleeping most of the day, I'm very, very tired. I blame the unusually hot weather we have here now. No real point to this post, I just wanted to say hi and post a picture. I've only been making messy buns with claw clips this weekend, purely because I've been terribly lazy. I washed my hair on Friday, and didn't brush it until this evening. I know I know, shame on me! 

I didn't want to leave it down after brushing, so I put it up in an orchid bun. I love these blue clips, they're among my absolute favourites. I got super lucky on ebay before the weekend, and I managed to snap them up in green and violet-red too. All the colours had been listed as out of stock for a while, and then suddenly a pair of green and a pair of violet-red were available again. Can't wait to have them here!

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