Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The LOC Method

LOC - Liquid - Oil - Cream. This leave-in method is quite popular amongst curlies and wavies as far as I know, and though it seems like a styling method, it can also be used by those of us who don't wear our hair loose. It makes the hair soft, shiny, and easy to manage. The LOC-thread on LHC has a lot more information, and many success stories too, including mine. I decided to try it out a few weeks or so ago, and I can only say that I'm amazed by the results I've gotten. I have very dry hair, and it has always been difficult to make it soft and properly moisturized. Leave-in conditioners helped a bit, but not enough, Panacea/salve did make it soft and nice, but I had to apply it every day to keep up the effect. The result was that my hair became a lint & dust magnet, which meant more tangles. 

I was skeptical to trying LOC and I put it off for a long while, mainly because putting oil on wet hair has always given me stringy, icky hair. I decided to do my own little twist on it, as many in the LOC-thread has done too, and I mixed the oil and cream before applying. I used First Price conditioner as leave-in, Nightblooming's Triple Moon Hair Anointing Oil as oil (duh!) and Nightblooming's Freya Salve as cream. Here's what I did:

-Wash and condition hair as usual, squeeze out excess water, and apply coney leave-in conditioner.

-Gently wrap a towel around the hair and let it towel dry while I get dressed.

- Remove towel and put all hair over either right or left shoulder. Carefully separate the biggest clumps.

- Scrape up a small amount of Freya salve and put it in my hand. Add 3-4 drops of Triple Moon oil, and rub palms together for a bit. Stroke hands all over the hair, even above the ears, but mainly on the length and ends. Then let it airdry.

This method makes my hair incredibly soft and shiny, and so easy brush with my TT. I don't have to put any panacea/salve on it after it has dried, it actually stays soft and wonderful until next wash day. It's pretty amazing. I've only tried it with Freya salve and Triple Moon oil, but I'm interested to try the other salves too, and Khadi Amla Oil.

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